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Jennifer Stone

Added: January 27, 2011 | Runtime: 13:05 | 115 Photos
When I think of witches my mind goes toward the Middles Ages and some ugly wart-nosed bitch. Jennifer is a self-professed witch. Instead of burning her at the stake we live in a somewhat more reasonable world these days. So I had her twiddle with my magic wand. She might not have been brought to the stake, but nor did she get off lightly. This wasn't your typical sweet & sexy handjob. She was dealt slaps of reality crashing on her melting smile. It vanished quickly as she realized she had a job to do, and better do it well. That is all we ask of all these broads, just to show some character. Instead of just being one in life. You got a job to do, might as well do it to the best of your ability. Which she did. She kept the cock lubed with spit and manipulated the genitalia with her crafty hands. Right up until the nectar flowed out of the cock hole spraying all over her. There's a new element for her to worship... Hokus Pokus Biatch.

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