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Gee Anna

Added: January 7, 2011 | Runtime: 11:38 | 112 Photos
Gee Anna is an authentic Jersey Shore girl, not like the Benny's put on shows these days. Gee Anna is also a first timer to the adult world of video. She has a fresh lets do it attitude and some massive mounds. I think she said something like E's or double D's. She was around 30, so definitely not her first handjob. She was quite handy with her hands. Came stock with a few moves of her own. Her passion for cock exudes from her. Gee Anna worked for and earned the load that she jerked right into her gaped open mouth. Gee Anna gets the Golden Shake Weight Award for outstanding first timer. Gee Anna anytime you want to give a handy, we'll be waiting... Remember perfect practice makes perfect.

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