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Added: March 3, 2009 | Runtime: 15:12
Fiona is Raven from VH1's Charm School. But before she was Raven, she was Fiona, and before that, she used to give 50 dollar handjobs in a massage parlor. Bootleg wanted a massage, because he is a lazy deadbeat and is always complaining why he can't lift or move something around the studio. So we figured this would shut him up. She worked him well. Took care of his old man back, and twisted and tugged on his cock. Ironically, that's the only thing that still works on that old horse. He sat there on the sofa as she worked her magic hands up and down his shaft, and tickled his balls. She applied lube so she could squeeze hard to mimic the feel of a tight pussy. Bootleg erupted all over her face, which caught her by surprise. She left filled with cum, and Bootleg went back to doing nothing as usual.

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