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Added: June 2, 2009 | Runtime: 13:53
Claudia is from the hills of Kentucky. She had a rough life as you can imagine. So here she is giving her first handjob. I don't know what it is with these batch of girls lately, but they are all giving their first handjobs. I personally believe it's because parents today aren't parenting, and usually a first sexual experience goes right for the gold. Back in my day, it was a long road for some tit, and if you got a handjob you were smacking your buddies five. So Claudia is here, on her knees, tentative in her strokes, but begins to get the hang of it as her hands get into a rhythm. You can tell she is a seasoned whore though, because when Big Red nutted, she pulled his cock towards her mouth so she could catch all the cum; a job she is all too familiar with. Overall, she did a great job for her first handjob.

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