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Taylor Dare

Added: March 4, 2011 | Runtime: 40:22
Taylor Dare is a cute teen who loves porn, but is a very lazy whore. She seems to like having the male talent do all the work, and it was a constant battle to get her to show more energy when sucking dick or getting her pussy pounded. After having a talk with her, I found out that it was the cold weather that made her lazy. After all, she was from Florida and this was the first time she saw snow. So, after turning up the heat, Taylor started paying more attention to the dicks of her male talent. That said, she turned into a pretty good 18 year-old slut. She got into deep throating and enjoyed getting fucked while playing with her pretty teen clit. Finally, she took two loads with a smile, which by the way was a first for her. Then, Taylor got dressed and went out into the cold New Jersey night, and swore that she would never go anywhere there was snow, as the snow and the cold almost ruined her porn debute.