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Nyla Knox

Added: November 20, 2009 | Runtime: 34:29
Nyla is a sweet teen from Tennessee, who loves to ride motorcycles. We met Nyla at a bike show and in her sexy Southern accent; she asked if she could fuck some Yankees. So we took her back to our sleazy motel room and proceeded to fuck her. She gave Will and Paul a "Southern Blowjob," which meant deep throating, gagging and ball licking. She constantly talked how she was going to make Paul and Will her bitches, and the only way to shut her up was stuffing a cock down her throat. Finally, they flipped her over and started to fuck her. It was the first time either of the guys fucked a Southern hottie, and they loved pounding that tender Southern pussy. Then she asked for cum, as she wanted to see what they could give her was better than the guys down home. Well she got cum covered and loved it. With a sexy smile, she said, "Maybe Yankees are not so bad after all."