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National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood

Added: April 29, 2022 | Runtime: 53:43 | 871 Photos
This chick is a 6-foot dom. I find that concept as a toxic menenist absolutely absurd. A real man can only be dommed if he’s willing, and if he’s willing, he’s not a real man. Bootleg took on this giant like Rocky IV when Rocky took on Ivan Drago. When Drago said, “I must break you” you knew the giant was thinking the same thing. Bootleg, being from Philly, as is Rocky, rose to the occasion and began to jab her throat with quick thrusts of the cock. Drago shook them off. Then he started throwing cock hooks. That’s where the cock bends down the throat and resembles the shape of a hook when it’s buried deep. Drago began to weaken as belly batter began to erupt from her mouth. Then Boots began to work the body—her asshole was a heavy bag and her pussy was that giant rack of ribs in the original Rocky. He fucked that ass hard with all he had until that asshole needed an end-swell. He gave her yellow discipline to drive her submission home. Sort of like planting one's flag on the moon. Then this “Dom” sat down, defeated, and 3 loads were applied on top of humiliation. It just goes to show the natural state of women, submissive and subservient, and it was a pleasure watching her dismantled, one piece of pride at a time.

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