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May West

Added: January 20, 2016 | Runtime: 54:24 | 909 Photos
I'm just rolling out of bed when my phone rings. "Duke, you need to shoot tonight's scene. I forgot everyone had off." I take it in stride, I throw on some hai karate, baby powder up my man spheres, and I'm out the door. Sitting there is a well spoken little chubber with huge tits reading a book. I have her pop a titty out as we're talking because I wanted to feel the weight of these things. They're huge. We start the scene and she's taking dick down her throat like a kielbasa. It was like lightning struck and energized the set. Bootleg and Paulie we're delivering dick down her throat with contempt. Next thing you know the GX 32 Modulator has a huge dildo on it and she's screaming like Justin Beiber seen a mouse. Then comes the DP. Dicks are moving in and out like a two connecting rods on a Harley. She's laying there taking it like punishment. Maybe it was, but she loved it. Then two humiliating cumshots fire across her nose and hit her right between the eyes. What she didn't eat she wiped over her huge fat tits.

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