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Her Forehead Tells A Tale

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Runtime: 598 Photos, 50 min of video

A bitter one, too. She took 3 guys in the ass. I had one guy not do the pretty girls stills so it would be a surprise when he sodomized her. So in goes JD, then Boots, back to JD, then in comes Sam with his Scud missile that sets off air raid sirens every time he pulls it out. He snuck it in her ass and you hear a whimper, then a moan, and a deep thrust... let’s just say we didn’t get too much anal, but what we did get was beautiful. Then the cock went right from her gaping asshole to her mouth. She was face fucked nice and good. Then we sat her down and dumped 3 loads on her face, in addition to two bottles full of yellow-d topped off by a high pressure stream chaser.

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