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Her Boyfriend Is Being Cucked

Added: January 16, 2022 | Runtime: 57:02 | 801 Photos
So she keeps saying "do you like that baby?" And it turns out she is making this for him. So, we cucked the living hell out of this chump. His GF is getting fucked in the ass, doing A2M and eating Bootlegs spit from a spoon. I'd say that's well cucked. Then she keeps saying "use my holes, teach him how to fuck me," This poor guy is going to jerk off and pull an "Elliott Smith." She drank a good amount of yellow discipline as she looked right into the camera. She shuddered at the last gulp. She was degraded right and sent back to her boyfriend who is ready to taste the dick on her breath. That's how you have to treat a cucks girl. You take out your rage on him vicariously. I wonder if his name is Jack?

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