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Fake Ugly Cunt

Added: June 23, 2019 | Runtime: 45:30 | 915 Photos
Imagine having these wonky tits. They are like a square and compass pointing towards soylent. Her daddy was around, but was "heavily" involved at an early age, and why she's the wonky titted whore who constantly talks s^%t because she hates herself and her father for what he hath wrought upon his worthless family. I just want to play hacky sack with those wonky titties. Maybe throw one over her shoulder and piggy back a bitch so I don't get thirsty. This is the definition of useless, and in 6 months, when she's shot out, she'll still be wearing a mask at Denny's serving eggs. I will say one thing about this CUNT. She can really swallow a mans Yellow Discipline. If I recall, her OCD would only allow herself to drink that and not water. She knows how to replenish. Fucking trash s*%t talking CUNT.

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