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Added: August 15, 2011 | Runtime: 47:44 | 343 Photos
This snobby ex-cheerleader cunt had her fucking world rocked tonight! I know that no one has ever treated this chunky slut the way we did. As soon as the first slap hit her face, the tears started raining down. I guess the captain of the football team never fucked her up the way we did. Honestly, I have no idea why this girl even decided to do porn. She's obviously not the type. Her mouth was used as a warm hole to shove cock deep inside. Then, Big Red Machine spit on her face. Trust me... that was an emotional experience. She felt like complete shit. This video is dedicated to all the nerds in high school who were tormented by cunty cheerleader brats. We evened the score by making her wear her own puke as makeup. Score!

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