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Added: October 24, 2011 | Runtime: 34:53 | 231 Photos
Jolee is a pretty cute 19 year old from North Carolina who has a homo pimp agent who likes to pretend to be girls on the internet. Pretty sad, right? So, we made it our mission to make sure his main whore never wants to make another porn video as long as she lives. We sent in Pauly Harker to destroy her. After a few hard slaps to her jaw, she started to break. Some tears slowly started to roll down her face. I was thrilled. I could picture her agent sitting back, counting his money while he sends his lambs to the slaughter. Total fucking scumbag! But, she's here and has a job to do. Pauly made sure she earned that paycheck. A cock has never been deep down her throat before and trust me, she struggled. Eventually, she learned how to take it deep... and that's when she earned my respect. Once she realized she was a skank pig hoe, things ran smoothly. Her role in life is to be a cock socket and my role is to film her doing so. By the end, it was a beautiful symphony of humiliation and degradation.

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