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Added: February 13, 2012 | Runtime: 11:27 | 144 Photos
Frieda should be Frodo. This broad has ears like satellite dishes, you can tune in Tokyo with them. At a mere age of 21, she has logged about 500 laps around the block. I'll give her one thing she does have some spirit to her. She got a bit fiesty but her fire was quickly extinguished by Harker tossing her on the couch for some therapy. With the normal outcome of Humility. This little biscuit didn't make it the fucking 'cause she was overwhelmed. It's not everyday a chick hops in a Mosh Pit with Cocks... hahaha. Do Watch for her Enlightening Story towards the end. She drops names like a rapper... Pfff! Enjoy My Friends...Cheers Red.

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