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Dumped Into The Trash Can

Added: August 1, 2022 | Runtime: 58:17 | 875 Photos
They say another mans trash is another mans treasure. I agree, so when we were done using her pussy and mouth we tossed her into the trash can like a booger rag. I'm sure plenty of people would stop along side the road and say "you know, this isn't too bad... a little duct tape and some lemon pledge and she's good as new." This little dwarf was only 85 lbs. It was like fucking one of those giant squeaky toys you win on the boardwalk. She was an obedient little thing though, and took the dick all the way into her tiny Beetlejuice head. Her throat took the length and girth well. She drank a ton of Yellow Discipline as well. We put her hands behind her back, locked them up in cuffs and had our way with her. After she took 3 loads and ate them all up the whore bowl was dumped on her and then she went ass over tea kettle right into the trash can.

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