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Disassociated Stare

Added: September 5, 2022 | Runtime: 01:10:50 | 828 Photos
It starts out with a great interview where this bright eyed and bushy tailed 19 year old tells a tale, and then gets a dick down her throat and her eyes give that 1000 yard stare—might I add they were a beautiful shade of hazel and green, that still had a drop of innocence left. Then she looked up as her tongued rapid fired into Bootleg’s asshole. Then she got down on her knees, her shiny collar glistening, her mouth and eyes wide open to receive the yellow discipline. Her beautiful face became pouty when Bootleg sodomized her asshole. Then she did A2M like a good girl. She has such a perfect asshole. He fucked it and fucked it as her juicy pussy hung off the stool, wet with spit. Her asshole sat there, gapped. The A2M continued. So did the spits. It was only her 4th time getting fucked in the ass, too; everyone else was by someone she loved. She laid there staring off into space as her puffy nipples undulated. What great asscheeks, too. Bootleg asks her if she’s broken, to which she quietly mutters, “yea.” There was almost total protonic reversal when they crossed the streams, but she took it anyway. Her pussy was tighter than her asshole, and she fussed more about it. Boots drilled it hard AF. She said it brought back “memories.” Her Zoomer tongue really like Boot’s Boomer Asshole. She ate that thing good. Then she got lined up for the pop. 3 massive loads we doused on her face, and then the whore bowl, and some more yellow d for good measure.

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