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Derpy And Destroyed

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Runtime: 1228 Photos, 49 min of video

I love this buxom blonde. She's everything you want in a blonde. Great tits, great ass, dumb as an end table. She accepts her purpose and finds meaning in all of it. She needs to feel dirty, and she needs to punish herself wantonly, or she feels empty and useless, like a runt without a tit. This is where we come in. We provide her dirty needs and treat her how she wants. She was spewing out all kinds fluids. Fucked viciously, and choked like OJ's ex. She was thrusted into until her uterus tilted. She squirmed and tried to get away, but she was pulled back in, balls bouncing off her clit. After a harrowing experience we dumped our nuts on her face and in her hair, and she fucked herself with the plunger as she was basting in it under the hot lights.

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