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Camille Black

Added: February 5, 2015 | Runtime: 54:24 | 1627 Photos
Camille Black is harnessing her inner Betty Page with her hairstyle, but that's where the similarities end. Betty is an iconic figure breaking barriers in the modeling world while Camille is just some dumb street trash sucking cock on the internet. Oh... she's also had an XBox One smashed in her face by an ex-boyfriend. Spending only a few moments with the guy, I have to tell you... I can see his point. Anyway, she is a good whore. She obviously knows her business. Taking big fat cocks down her throat proved to be a lot easier for her than the others that graced our cock. Plus, she takes it up the ass with little effort. There's not much this whore couldn't do, actually. Believe it or not, she genuinely likes being treated like trash.

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