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Breeding Blondie

Added: June 17, 2023 | Runtime: 01:00:25 | 916 Photos
The Vaccinated Vandal blew a slug in that pink coin slot as she laid there dripping cum. It was a huge load, and she kept the change in her womb. She really learned her role and is a valiant cock sucker and throater, and yakked scrambled eggs all over her face. What's a whore a to do. For some reason Frasier came to me. I'm outwardly more of a Marty Crane guy myself. The superfluous parallel is maybe free association as we psychoanalyze these whores, which has always been the facialabuse mission--the why and not the how. Why a presumably well put together and overall nice person, with a decent chance at hypergamy chooses this sort of mental and physical challenge, and having all ego erased. Essentially leaving them an automaton. I miss my afternoon coffee with Jolly West. Anyways, it was a pleasure seeing her get broken like a steed, as her ass got fucked and she ate ass and drank yellow discipline, only further erasing a sense of self by adding 3 more cumshots to an already fragile disposition, she was sent home to her man more pliable and obedient. Whenever she feels like she needs another session, she's always welcome back, as she's a good whore who aims hard to please.

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