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Borderline Retarded

Added: April 19, 2020 | Runtime: 57:14 | 981 Photos
Sometimes you wonder. Why are they doing porn? This one has all of the above. Paternal issues, white trash syndrome, low IQ, you name it. She is not a person of privilege--not in any stretch of the word, but try telling a POC that. Aside from that, she was trounced and owned, whipped, sodomized, and opened up wide for the yellow discipline. She swallowed it and called out her paternal offspring because he was a little too hands on—but that's how you know they will rise to the top of the porn ladder. She's an obedient one, and wears her collar with pride. She understands that her knees, and not on her feet is what she has evolved to do, but one thing for sure, her life has purpose. Everyone needs purpose.

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