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Amber Ashe

Added: July 23, 2012 | Runtime: 49:44 | 390 Photos
I'm embarrassed to even show you this hog, but we were fresh out of bitches and Bootleg told us that his disgusting friend would do the shoot. We knew she was going to be hideous, but we didn't expect the beast that lay before us. For starters, she was a big fattie and I hate fat girls. I didn't want to look at her body so I made her wear a trash bag... because she is garbage. Then, we got started. Honestly, I wish porn had a weight limit so I would never have to point my camera at a monstrosity like this again. On top of that, she had red hair and we all know that gingers are soulless demons sent from depths of hell to wreak havoc. I'm sorry guys... truly sorry for this hog. I even contemplated dropping the camera in hopes it would break so we wouldn't have to proceed. It's days like this I hate porn, and Bootleg.

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